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Meze Audio launches LIRIC – its first closed-back portable planar magnetic headphone

Flagship technology in a portable headphone frame delivers immersive spatial audio Baia Mare, Romania, 15 November 2021– Meze Audio, an award-winning headphone company based in Baia Mare, Romania, announces the release of LIRIC – its first closed-back planar magnetic headphone powered by Rinaro’s Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver, re-engineered for portable use. Combining high-grade magnesium, leather … More

Meze Audio announces new flagship and most advanced planar magnetic headphone, ELITE

Baia Mare, Romania, 1st September 2021 – Meze Audio, a high-end audio company based in Romania, continues its collaboration with Rinaro Isodynamics for the release of the new ELITE Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphone, their most advanced planar magnetic headphone to date. A blend of innovative technology and acoustic engineering with outstanding mechanical design and ergonomics, … More

Meze Audio’s high-performing, beautifully designed headphones are built to last

Meze Audio, a Romanian-based high-end audio company specialising in beautifully designed and great-sounding headphones, presents three affordable and excellent pairs of headphones. The 99 Classics, 99 Neo and 12 Classics V2 headphones are perfect for music lovers, no matter where they listen to music. Whether you listen to music at home on your hi-fi system, … More

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