Meze Audio’s high-performing, beautifully designed headphones are built to last

Meze Audio, a Romanian-based high-end audio company specialising in beautifully designed and great-sounding headphones, presents three affordable and excellent pairs of headphones.

The 99 Classics, 99 Neo and 12 Classics V2 headphones are perfect for music lovers, no matter where they listen to music. Whether you listen to music at home on your hi-fi system, at your office desk or when traveling using your smartphone or portable audio player – Meze Audio has the perfect headphone or earphone designed for you. With superb sound quality and elegant, sustainable design, all three models are available for affordable prices at Meze Audio online and various US and UK retailers.

99 Classics – £279 / $309 / €309

The 99 Classics take headphone design to a new level by combining modern technology with beautiful handcrafted design, using natural materials and delivering excellent sound performance for great value.

Meze Audio is renowned for its timeless design and each 99 Classics pair is built by hand to exacting standards. Due to their natural, unpredictable nature, the hand polished walnut wood ear cups are unique for each pair and will make a design statement whenever you wear them.

The soft over-ear memory foam ear pads offer noise isolation and the spring steel headband exerts an even pressure for all head sizes – making headphones very comfortable to wear for long hours of listening to music.

The Meze 99 Classics offer an astoundingly natural and exciting performance with all types of music genres. Inside the earcups are 40mm drivers that deliver clear, detailed and balanced sound with no distortion. Simply plug them into your smartphone, music player or home audio system, and enjoy the music.

These headphones are also built to last: every component of the 99 Classics is replaceable, with no glue used in its construction, meaning they will last you a lifetime while also being environmentally friendly.

The 99 Classics are available in two finishes – walnut gold and walnut silver – and each pair comes with two cables (3m cable and 1.2m with mic and remote), a carrying pouch and adapters.

99 Neo – £189 / $199 / €199

A fresh take on the 99 series for a contemporary style, 99 Neo brings together Meze Audio’s signature sound quality with cutting edge design.

Coal black textured earcups give a modern look, soft cushioned earpads and self-adjusting headband offer hours of comfort, and 40mm drivers deliver a crisp, clean sound that sounds natural, balanced and undistorted.

Like the 99 Classics, every pair of 99 Neo is fully serviceable – they are built to last and Meze Audio are able to replace any part of the headphones.

12 Classics V2 – £69 / $69 / €69

Inspired by the company’s renowned 99 Classics, the Meze 12 Classics V2 stand out with an eye-catching real walnut wood body paired with durable aluminium components. Behind the case, the 8mm titanium coated driver reproduces a clear, dynamic listening experience. By allowing all frequencies the space they need to reveal themselves, the 12 Classics V2 is an expression of musicality and realism.

These earphones are ergonomically designed to fit all kinds of ear sizes, ensuring long-lasting wearing comfort. With a secure in-ear fit, elegant earpiece construction and solid audio performance, the 12 Classics V2 is a great earbud choice for entry-level audiophiles.


Founded in 2011 in Baia Mare, Romania, Meze Audio is renowned for timeless design, pure comfort and engaging vivid sound. Winner of multiple audiophile industry awards, Meze’s current product range includes: 99 series headphones (99 Classics, 99 Neo), Rai series IEMs (Rai Penta, Rai Solo) and the flagship isodynamic hybrid array headphone, the Empyrean.
All headphones are available to buy at Meze Audio online, Amazon and various UK and US retailers.


Click on images below for hi-res files:

99 Classics (walnut gold)

99 Classics (walnut silver)

99 Neo

12 Classics V2

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